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Success Stories

SPG DS services small and medium-sized businesses in the national capital region from various industries including finance, law, security, healthcare, education, service and retail, etc. We proudly support not-for-profit organizations, numerous Canadian sports associations, and several pre-IPO high technology organizations. We are pleased to share example success stories - two each for small and medium sized businesses.

Security (500 users)
Main challenge:

Early in 2000, the client discovered that a critical Internet application that had recently been purchased was not performing to spec. The client's investment was significant in terms of both the cash outlay for the application and its management. The system, however, was plagued with program errors, was missing program elements, and no reports could be created for key data such as payroll and billing. The client was willing to re-design the whole system from the ground up.

Our Solution:

Our analysis indicated that the front-end was buggy, the core of the program had been improperly installed, and the back-end (e.g., billing and payroll reporting) did not even exist. The SPG DS team identified and fixed the front-end bugs one by one. For the core, we designed and installed a new server and with the re-install of the program we fixed all the core program elements. At this point the system was capturing reliable data, from which we were able to generate the key managerial reports that were critical to the business. The value to the client was twofold. First, significant gains in efficiency -- for the first time payroll and billing reports are created at the touch of a button. Second, cost savings -- we did not discard the original application. Through careful assessment we discovered that we could leverage and build on the application.

Education (200 users)
Main Challenge:

The client was expanding the size and complexity of the network, however lacked an understanding of how to [1] ensure a network that could handle the number of users in a mixed server environment, and [2] maintain or increase network performance.

Our Solution:

We began with in-depth research, searching for an approach that would harness the client's existing hardware. Our research produced a successful set of recommendations, which involved creating a backbone to the network using high-speed fibre-optic Gigabit Ethernet. We also configured the client's primary server using Raid5 and fibre-optic to maximize reliability, speed and storage capacity.

Since the implementation of this solution, we have continued with numerous upgrades to the client's networking environment - bringing solutions directly to the classroom. We are implementing new servers and Internet-based software, and continuously optimizing their investment in technology. Throughout the relationship with this client, we have sourced, configured, installed, and maintained the core network components.

Healthcare (40 users)
Main Challenge:

Effective communication was the key challenge for this client, whose operations spanned 5 offices in the Ottawa-valley area. The communication problems were causing the business to operate as independent units, instead of a unified organization. The client suspected that the Internet held some promise, however their use of the Internet was sporadic and ineffectual.

Our Solution:

We replaced their non-Internet mail solution with an Internet mail server in each location - this enabled faster and easier communication within each office and throughout the organization, and for the first time ensured that all employees were in the loop.

We have since leveraged their investment in the Internet mail servers to [1] provide them with a secure networking environment, [2] enable centralization of payroll administration, and [3] provide them with a structured network filing system.

Service and Retail (20 users)
Main Challenge:

The client's warehouse was operating separately from the main office. They were not able to remotely access the accounting and inventory system - causing the company costly logistical, operational and accounting inefficiencies.

Our Solution:

Three years ago we installed network bridging with 3Com routers, using dual-analog to create a WAN environment. This resolved the client's needs for remote access. Recently, broadband access has become available in both of the client's locations. As such, we have updated their WAN environment with broadband DSL at both locations. The DSL solution has resulted in both cost savings and performance gains.


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